Good morning. Today I rant about know it alls.

Im sure everyone knows someone who thinks they know everything. Its like a contagious disease. Diarea of the mouth. They talk and talk and most of the time are talking about nothing. They act like they have extensive knowledge of any subject or have a story to tell every time someone starts a conversation. The worse part is, I could be talking to you about something and BAM. Here comes Mr. or Mrs. know it all with their 1.5 cents.

I especially dislike the ones who talk about recovery. The way they talk is a dead give away that they only have knowledge of addiction through books and studies and surveys. Lol. Give me a break. If I wanted your self endulged, self proclaimed educated opinion I would ask for it. NOT.

You can use all the big words and try to dress that shit any way you like, hell put a skirt on it. Still doesn’t take away from the FACT that..YOU WEREN’T THERE. You did NOT comeback from the depths of hell. You were never locked and loaded, caught up in the death grip of addiction. You have no idea, no fucking idea what its like to use or do things to get drugs AGAINST YOUR WILL. To wake up sick, or come to after a Tsunami crack session only to want more. To be banned, shunned and abandoned by your family and friends. To hear those misguided words…

Please shut up.

YOU yes You haven’t got a clue. As to the things I will do, to you, when I am fiening for 1 or 2. Lol.

Well thats my rant. I have a coworker like that. I could blog off of her alone for weeks. Lol

Peace and Blessings

Eric Ease

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