I was off from work for 3 days and it was a wonderful weekend. My spirit has been fed, I feel refreshed and brand new. I fellowshipped with family. I was amongst people who know me because they have been in my shoes and they are helping to guide me towards a new and better way of life.

It reminded me that I cannot do this alone. It gave me comfort knowing that I am not alone. It helped me to see one addict helping another is without parallel. It also reinforced my belief in this process and in myself. I am so grateful to finally have a place where I BELONG.

I want to share with you all about my journey because it helps me to get better and I pray that by me doing so I am helping others. I am learning to be more honest about my life, my feelings, my defects and short comings. I am learning how to get in touch with who I am and with who I want to be.

I just finished watching Antone Fisher. It was the perfect movie to wind down my weekend. I love that movie because I can identify with his story in so many ways. It always makes me cry when he finds his family in the end and today was no different.  I miss my family and I pray that one day I will be reunited with them.

I will continue to do the next right thing and live in accordance with my Higher Power’s will for me and not my own. I believe that as long as I continue on this path and continue to to live this way I have nothing to fear and in due time everything will be alright.


Peace and Blessings

Eric Ease


This was a very good weekend.

I have been on a spiritual roll since Saturday and I am still riding high from The Men’s Unity Day. Life in recovery has been very rewarding but this weekend has really been great. It was the battery recharge that I needed. I just left a speaker jam and decided to get a little rest before I go back out tonight. I will not be able to stay tonight because I have a early shift tomorrow but I will still show up for my people celebrating 3yrs.

I pray that everyone is doing well and please believe me If you are not things will get better. Just hold on come hell or high water. This too shall pass.

Life gets greater later.