Today is Throwback Thursday. I will pick a few older posts to share with you every Thursday. Today I will start off with my very first blog post ever from November 10, 2011.


Hello My name is Nam. I just wanted to post this and say Hello to anyone who maybe reading this.
Welcome to Eric’s Daily Struggle.
I should start off by saying that my blog is called Eric’s Daily Struggle because at the present time I am having a difficult time staying clean. The reason I call it daily struggle is because I know that my struggle will be lifelong. I have used and abused drugs for more than 3 quarters of my life and to think quitting is going to be easy would be a tragedy worse than the life I have lived thus far.
I know that this is a life long battle and that scares me. I have never been able to stick and stay consistent with anything but using. Will I be able to do it? That has yet to be seen. So far this year I…

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  1. Youre doing good! Come along way, thanks for reposting. I must admit i havent gone to the start of anyones blogs yet and read up from the start, i struggle with keeping up with the reading on a daily basis, so thank you – you should be proud ( in a grateful thank you HP way) for what you have done so far. You are my living proof it can be done. Stick with it, theres no reason to go back, but plenty to go forward for 😊

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