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Today I am rambling about people making assumptions.

Lately I have been dealing with a lot of people jumping to conclusions and assuming things. It’s BS because of the fact that they don’t even bother to find out what the truth is they just invent their own.

I do not like when people automatically assume anything about me or my state of mind just because I am a addict. Especially when they do not know me or haven’t taken the 5-10 seconds it would take to ask a simple question

“What’s going on with you” or “Are you alright”.

It is really a simple question, and If they would bother to ask then they would know how to respond appropriately. Instead they want to come to their own conclusions and then offer advice based on their non-informed conclusions and opinions. What they seem to miss is the fact that knowledge is key. Knowing is half the battle and that you cannot offer someone advice when you do not know what the problem is. That would be like a bike messenger giving medical advice.


Just because I am a addict, DOES NOT MEAN every time I go through something or when I vent that I am thinking about using. That is simply NOT the case. I get angry, frustrated, sad, happy, glad and a bunch of other emotions just like everyone else. I might not have handled my feelings in the appropriate manner when I was using but that was then. I have tools today. I have a network and a sponsor. I have a Higher Power. I am clean, I think clearer and I no longer make rash decisions or act off impulse. I think about the consequences of my actions today. No I am not cured, healed or fixed by any means but I am better, smarter and more confident. Don’t always assume that an addict is not smart or strong enough to get through there own problems without your expertise.

Have you ever considered that your assumption could be planting the seed instead of preventing it.

With that being said. I know that there will be those that read this and still come with their own conclusions. To you I say God bless. Just so you know this is me VENTING.


  1. I completely understand your frustration… I think I’m guilty of making assumptions sometimes, but mostly they are assumptions about what people may be thinking of me (They don’t like me, they are judging me, I look like an ass to them)…I am so hard on myself. I think a lot of us are. I’m sure it’s so hard dealing with people, especially people you love and trust, that might be making assumptions that you are back using when you aren’t- I really think people without addictions just don’t know how to behave or what to say and we kinda need to gently teach them, like you are doing here.
    Not many people know about my problem with alcohol, so you are LIGHT YEARS ahead of me in this area- and having to deal with others opinions and assumptions. You are brave for letting yourself be known and for being open in talking about all of this:) Thank you:)


    • I do that too. I think people are talking about me or don’t like me too sometimes and am very hard on myself. I am my worse critic. Thank you for your comment and kind words of support and encouragement. I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog. I pray that I am helping and not hurting anyone with my posts. I only want people to see that recovery is possible.


    • I just rely on my higher power to just stay focused on him! !! I dont have a lot of time to even try ti figure out what they think I dint have the energy just trying to be the best me I can be JUST FOR TODAY!!!

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  2. I have found out Eric, that it’s easy for people to come up with their own conclusion of what’s going on with other people and that’s fine. (((if that’s what they want to do)))). But the people that’s really concerned about you will ask the simple question. I’m so proud of you and please keep inspiring me to be the best I can be regardless of what other people think, say or do. I am who I am. Love and respect

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    • Thank you so much. I truly appreciate your feedback. Yes people will always draw their own conclusions and its difficult at times for me to accept that. I am still in a process of learning how to not let my feelings get in the way. Some times I am ok and others the old me wants to wreak havoc Lol. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and reply it really means a lot to me. Peace and blessings.


  3. Hi Eric, i am on my way to a meeting now; and just looked at your blog. You left a comment on my earlier post, and I appreciate the comment. I have been in recovery for over 14 years. Some days it is easy, and others I still feel likes it’s so damn hard. Having an adult son, and watching him struggle so is sad. Knowing it is part of his journey though, helps me keep it in perspective. Love that you are writing your blog on your journey. I am happy to follow! Best of luck!

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    • Thank you for your reply and congratulations on 14 yrs. Yes its watching someone you love go through the same struggle that really makes it tough and know that it is their journey and you have no control over the outcome even being in recovery and knowing the road doesn’t make it any easier. I appreciate the support and feel free to comment or even if you would like to write a post. I would welcome it. Thank you and I will continue to keep us all in prayer.

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