This is the last of the Holiday Trifecta.

This holiday is well know for wild uninhabited drinking and drug use. It is the one night when everyone across the world (U.S.) anyway gets together to celebrate the start of a brand new year. It doesn’t matter where you are from New Year’s parties are everywhere. I have been invited to attend several, some are sober parties and then there are those that are not. I plan on bringing in the New Year the same way I did last year. I will make a meeting. I will pray for a better year and the strength to carry out that mission. I will send text messages and posts wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy, Safe and Prosperous New Year and then I will go home. I will probably watch the ball drop in Times Square on television and then go to bed. It sounds so boring but It’s safe. Today I like safe. I do not take unnecessary risks with my health and do not wish to put myself in harms way just for the sake of fitting in.

That is big for me. I ALWAYS WANTED TO FIT IN. 

Today I am not concerned with fitting in, being down with the crowd or being popular. Today I am concerned with being alive, responsible and clean. I am concerned with living a new way of life and not the same old bullshit that has ruled my life for the last 37 years. I look forward to making more progress next year and am determined to do just that. I am learning to be honest with myself and with others so with that being said I plan on making more realistic resolutions this year and not the same unrealistic ones that I always abandon half way or better yet a quarter of the way through.


New Year’s resolutions are often my way of telling myself what I would like to change or start new. Then I make a plan to carry it out. Usually I am all gun ho about it and will start off great. That might last a good 2 weeks or so and then reality sets in or maybe it’s fear or that I am just too freakin lazy. I’m too used to things the way they are and begin the process of talking myself out of whatever it is that I had started. That is how it usually works, this year I will try something different. I am not going to make any resolutions so to speak. I am just going to set a few goals that I would like to accomplish this year and work from there. At this point I do not know what exactly those goals are and that’s ok. No pressure to fit in. I will set them in due time. my time not because it is a new year but because I feel I am ready to start them. I am grateful for choices today. I am in a race with no one but the old me.

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  1. You know the only goal you have to keep my friend and i know you will happy new year and i hope for you that your new life continues into this year and all the others to follow! It is a hard road you walk and believe me i do understand. I have faith in you – you are an inspiration. Big new year hugs to you 🙂

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