Matt on drugs; how to love the person and not the addiction

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What I Couldn't Tell You

This was Matt on drugs:

In 2007 Matt called me on the phone, desperate, crying, in trouble. His trouble started with a stolen cell phone from a store near his apartment, escalated to a drunk driving, and ended with Matt burning the tracks off his arm in a paranoid frenzy.

I had enough of my 22 year old acting like he was 15.

So, after repeated attempts for him to take his stored memorabilia in the basement to his apartment, I just brought it to his place. This sort of ignited a frantic attempt to stay a child within Matt. He was so angry with me, so incensed that I would remove his stuff. According to Matt, he wasn’t ready to grow up. He really wanted to remain a child in his own eyes. I questioned why, quietly, to myself. Why would he not want his things with him. They…

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I’ve heard it said and then experienced it myself that doing service helps you stay clean. I didn’t believe it or understand it until I got a commitment.

Back when I had 49 days clean my home group waived the clean time requirement for me to be the secretary. I remember the feeling I got when they did that. I was excited, scared and a little overwhelmed. I felt tears swelling up in my eyes and was grateful because for a long time no one was asking me or wanted me to do anything except leave them alone or to get away from them.

I was emotional because I felt a love that I HAVE NOT FELT IN YEARS. I felt like I belonged and that someone finally trusted me enough to do something..ANYTHING. It was the best, the feeling was indescribable. I was proud of my commitment and it kept me coming back. I had a responsibility and I took it seriously.

I have been involved in service on way or another ever since. Service helps me to stay out of my head, to not always think about myself, but to think and do for others. I get a certain satisfaction when I do services for others. It is a major component in my recovery and yes
I will continue to give away what has been so freely given to me. I would also suggest that if you can to get involved with service.