I’ve read in our literature that not everyone recovers at the same rate and some of us are sicker than others. I had a conversation last night on Facebook with someone who proved that to me.

I sent a couple of friend requests to some people in a recovery group that I am a member of. So this person writes me back asking me who I was and goes into why you sending me a request when your page says you are in a relationship and how I need to be  building my foundation and not trolling on Facebook for women. How she’s a predecessor Yadda yadda so forth and so on. Literally passing judgment on me.

Well needless to say I went ham on that ass. I forgot all about the positive and went back at this disturbed person like a zombie on the walking dead goes after people. I later felt a bad but I was able to reach out to some of my extended network and they helped me to let it go. I know that I am many things but trolling, predatory, cheater. I AM NOT.

It never seems to amaze me how many sick people there are, but it always seems to amaze me how I find myself somehow or another crossing paths with these people. Its like I have a crazy person magnet. SMH.

Anyway I know that I still have a lot of work to do. I am still capable of going zero to one hundred REAL QUICK. I have to be mindful that I am responsible for my recovery and not allow others to take me out of my positive character. Some of us are sicker than others and I have no control over how someone else acts, I only have control over how I respond.

I’m not that far removed.

One thought on “SICKER THAN OTHERS

  1. I am sorry that you had to experience that first hand, but it totally reminded me of something K said to me about why he didn’t like going to group meetings. He said the groups were FULL of men trying to get off with the women that went. it would seem like this lady may have experienced something similar and wrongly accused you of that type of behaviour.
    So yes some people are sick very sick. But he said it was the main purpose for a lot of the group members to attend just to try to get off with someone. K is actually very morally principled when out of addiction well even in addiction to some extent so he felt he gained very little from the group experience when he knew what a lot of the members motivation was about. I had to agree with him. If that type of behaviour happened in my group I would be appalled but sadly some people probably with low self esteem will try to find someone they perceive as ‘weaker’ than themselves so they have the feeling of power or control, especially if they are struggling with addiction. ( imho)


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