Thank God for The Fellowship.

Today I am filled with gratitude for The Fellowship. I just left a  celebration of life for my friend who is celebrating 13 years of recovery and I am thankful. It’s an honor to be asked to share my experience, strength and hope at another person’s anniversary. Especially when that person has many more years than I do. I must be doing something right and he must see something in me.

I still suffer at times from episodes of  low self-esteem and sometimes don’t feel worthy of the friendships that I am building. I don’t  give myself credit and can be my biggest and hardest critic. I am growing up in more ways than I can see, but others see it in me. I am learning to stop beating myself up and learning to let others love me even when I don’t love myself. It’s a process and I fall short on most occasions. But I know that somewhere deep down inside me there is that person that everyone keeps talking about.

So I keep coming back. I continue to do the work, share my experiences and listen to others share theirs. I continue to get involved with my recovery. After all I am responsible for my recovery and no one else.

I know that my life depends on my following this new way of life. I know that the minute I stop working on my recovery, my relapse starts working on me. So I remain vigilant. I cannot afford to play games or allow negative people with negativity invade my life.

Not today. Not tomorrow. Not Anymore.

So I have Gratitude in my Attitude. I am grateful for even the smallest things today. I practice this actively on a daily basis. Thanks to God’s Grace and Mercy I have a second chance to live. He has led me to this life saving Fellowship and I will take full advantage of this opportunity.

How could I not be grateful for that.

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