I have heard it said many times by people in recovery.

I stop using drugs and found myself with an addiction to…. I can finally say that I have experienced it myself. Truth is I have been experiencing it but didn’t connect the dots until recently. I have been switching addictions or substituting if you will for quite some time now.


I have been noticing the obsessive and compulsive behaviors in other areas of my life recently. I can only share a few with you because the more I sit and take inventory the more I have noticed that it’s been going on for a little while now. I used to wonder  what people where talking about and now I know.

So let’s take a looksee..

I have to admit that since I stopped using I have noticed my cigarette intake has upped somewhat. I keep saying that I want to quit but I wind up smoking more. I have tried several times unsuccessfully and will try again for the new year. I have put on a few pounds over the last couple of months, my eating habits have changed to junk foods, snacking and butter pecan icecream. I always loved sneakers but come on do I really need 27 pairs of sneakers. Nike loves me..Lol. I have also been working a lot of extra hours. I don’t know if this qualifies because I have always been known as the King of Overtime on my job. Having no kids and no wife or girlfriend makes it easy for me now to do even more work. I love the paychecks too. Lol. As you can see by just a few of the examples that I have become a bit obsessive in other areas of my life. I am grateful that I am aware of it and can correct it, instead of it leading up to other more dangerous and damaging obsessions.

Knowing is half the battle.


  1. hey at least you have good taste in ice cream!!!!Eric,this happens to a lot of recovering addicts.especially the 1st few years.you learn to place your energy in other areas.you learn to teach yourself to walk away from the objects of your choice.you walked away from the dope,you don’t go see the dopeman.so don’t go near the shoe department or shoe store.stay out of the ice cream aisle. you will learn to refocus,just takes time.ask me how I know!!!!!!take care my friend!!

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  2. It is! But like u say recognising it is half the battle. I also think we can over analyse things. Cross addiction is common, as long as you are not hurting yourself or others how you spend your money or time is your business. You only have to answer to yourself and your Higher Power if you have one! Enjoy the sneakers and use them go running or jogging then you can eat what ever the hell you want and will give up the tobacco cos it’s easier to run! Life is short you have reclaimed yours – everything in moderation I think. 😊😊

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  3. Ha how apt I have been to a meeting tonight and the very fact that we somehow replace one addiction with another came up. As someone affected by another’s addiction ( or at least that’s why I attend my NAR-ANON meetings) we come to realise that control and fear of not having control is a huge issue for us. Enabling is a form of control. It then is replaced by something else and so the circle goes round! So totally relate and it’s not even substance related! ( and 27 pairs of trainers? Check out his many bags ( purses) I have

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