I just feel like screaming right now. I am so fed up with certain people whom I have the displeasure of working with. The sense of entitlement, the arrogance is just too much at times and it makes me feel like striking out. You talk too much and yet what you are saying means nothing to no one. You act like you know everything and yet you don’t know shit. Whenever someone says something you have to go and tell how the same thing happened to you. ALL THE TIME. Please everyone knows you are lying but you continue to add your 1 cent to every conversation.  Shut up. Stop lying, fronting like you are someone that you obviously are not. Listen and maybe you might just learn something. There is a saying in the rooms take the cotton out of your ears and put it in your mouth. This would really apply to this person.


 I HAVE TO REMEMBER THAT I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER OTHER PEOPLE.. BECAUSE I WISH IT, WILL NOT MAKE IT SO! I also have to remember that although there are people who could really use a program they do not have one. It makes me extra grateful that I do have a program. I know that resorting to my old attitudes and behaviors will hurt no one but myself. I know that but that doesn’t mean that I like it…Lol

I am growing up. My process is slow but it is still happening. It’s a process that I take seriously because I want it. I really want to change the old me completely. I do not wish to be that person anymore and therefore I have to take certain measures to achieve that goal. One of them is learning when to speak up and when to keep my mouth shut. I do not have to get involved with every battle and I do not have a need to win every battle either. Sometimes I just have to surrender and move on. I know that I can be judgemental at times and I allow my emotions to lead me down a slippery slope. I know that hurt people, hurt people but before they do they usually hurt themselves. (THEY MEANING ME!)

I feel so much better now just by venting here on my blog. I am thankful for the tools of recovery that I have at my disposal.

Today’s a great day, Live, Love and Laugh.


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