I remember when I used to think that drugs made me happy. That I needed to use in order to have fun or to fit in. I remember thinking  those things and many other things about drugs. I thought that  using was the answer to my problems and that they brought meaning and purpose to my life. I remember thinking later in life how wrong I was but by then I couldn’t stop.

I am grateful that I no longer believe those lies. I am grateful that I know better than that today. Drugs made my life MEANINGLESS. I do not need drugs to accomplish anything. They were not the answer to my problems but they were the root of my problems. They were the cause of deep seeded issues that have created more deep seeded issues.

Using solves nothing. My problems were still there after the smoke cleared and the fake friends left, and they became worse.

So yeah there is no drug that can make life meaningful.

It’s a inside job.