Protests for Overdoses?

I agree. It’s time to stop being ashamed. Stop sweeping the disease of addiction under the rug. Thank you for posting this.

Mother Of An Addict

I sit back and every where on the news is about the Michael brown shooting. The tons of protests, looting, and violence over this subject. Before you read any further please understand I am not dismissing Michael Browns life, nor anyone else’s. My sincere sympathy goes out to the loved ones of Michael Brown. I too can relate to his parents because I too have lost a child. I just lost a child in a much different way. Some would say  my child controlled his death. Did Michael really have control over overdosing on heroin when he clearly had a untreated disease? What makes one person’s life valued over another?

I am not alone in losing someone to an overdose to the disease of addiction. According to, 5 people PER HOUR died of an overdose in 2011. Heroin use is on the rise so I am sure it is more…

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