Increase Awareness of Addiction and Mental Health Disorders

Yes I agree. It is time to end the stigma. It is time to educate people of the affects of the disease of addiction. Not how it affects you at home but how it affects the person addicted. The change in behaviors are due to changes in the brain. Its a cancerous disease that is killing millions of people and yet so little is being done by our government. It’s really shameful. Thank you for your posts.

Self Help Survival

There are hundreds of campaigns in the world for things such as Diabetes awareness, Cancer awareness that receive millions of dollars in research, but where is the Mental Health awareness research funding? Mental Health and Addiction Research are two of the lowest funded research diseases / disorders in the world, but these two diseases / disorders are costing the world billions in medical care, justice system costs and much more.  

50% of people in the world living with mental health and/or addiction disorder reported that they did not seek treatment because they could not afford it.  Another 16% of the population did not receive treatment because they did not know where to go to receive proper treatment.reasons for not receiving treatment

With proper awareness and treatment options made available with awareness focused in on mental health and addiction research and treatment, these staggering percentages would be decreased dramatically.  Insurance companies need to start…

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