I have been doing a lot of reading lately on recovery. Not from the fellowship point of view, but from others advocating for equality and acknowledgement of addiction being a disease and not just a matter of choice. I never knew how much other people who are not in recovery and who really have no fucking clue what addiction is truly about. Have so many opinions and mostly negative about addiction. People see a person that is an addict as some bottom of the barrel, scum of the earth, murderous low life. They sit in their big offices and vote on and pass laws that are harmful, hurtful and down right discriminatory. They sit there and pass judgement on people who are really sick, most do not even understand what is happening to them, they are scared and ashamed and they want to stop and get help but do not have a clue as to how to go about it. If they do know how to go about they seldom do because addiction affects every area of your life. Your mental, physical and spiritual. You lose control over decision making process and become a slave to your addiction, your body craves whatever it is that you are using and can make your life a living hell when you do not have it. How many of you out there have a clue as to what that’s like???

These same people say that addicts made the choice to become who they are. They choose to continue using drugs. They knew what it would do to them. Let them deal with the consequences of their actions.



Last time I checked I didn’t wake up one day and say I going to get addicted to drugs today. When I was a kid I didn’t dream of using drugs, going to jail and becoming a convicted felon. I had no clue as to what addiction was, nor did I have any clue really what drugs where all about either. There was no “drug education classes”. I like many others learned from watching others or peer pressure. Anyway that’s not my point here.

I am talking about a country that spends billions of dollars everywhere else but in its own backyard. It saddens me to know that this country cares so little about it’s own people young and old who are dying from the disease of addiction and they see the staggering numbers and yet and still refuse to do anything concrete or substantial about it. Locking a person up for petty shit like possession is not the answer, How about we start to educate people. How about we have health care that includes addiction treatment and aftercare. How about we treat addiction like we do any other disease and start to offer some real support and treatment. How about we use some of those billions of dollars right here at home


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