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I just watched The Anonymous People and I must say it was very inspiring. Thank you to Hanje Richards for his post and recommendation. I truly enjoyed watching this documentary. It made me want to get more involved in the recovery process. Not just in my own but to reach out and help others.

I had no idea of the struggles people in recovery had to, and still go through with the stigma and discrimination that is associated with addiction and the word addict. This documentary was very well put together. Chocked full of information and resources.I even went as far as to look up online some of the resources mentioned in the documentary and will attempt to make contact with some in my area. It truly made me feel good and proud to be a person in recovery.

I never knew how many people there are in recovery but the numbers mentioned in this documentary are staggering. The fact that addiction is not considered a disease is troubling, and the resources spent to incarcerate instead on treat addictions are shameful. I will continue to do some more research on the subject and continue my fight for my own recovery as well.

I truly recommend this documentary to people in recovery and especially to those who are not.

The Anonymous People. It is available on Netflix now.

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