Anonymous People

I enjoyed reading this blog post and I will look for movie The Anonymous People on Netflix.
Thank you Hanje Richards

Hanje Richards

Recently I heard about a documentary called The Anonymous People.  It come up in a conversation about a possible recovery workshop. I was unfamiliar with it so  I took advantage of the fact that it is streaming on Netflix and watched the 90 minute movie about two weeks ago.

Logo for the movie: Anonymous People Logo for the movie: Anonymous People

Watch the movie!

This is a movie that explores the idea of anonymity in 12 step programs, and in particular in Alcoholics Anonymous.  Is anonymity relevant in the 21st century?  Is it time for addicts and alcoholics and members of other 12 step groups, to come out and proclaim their recovery, their affiliation with these anonymous programs.  Does the idea of “attraction rather than promotion” hold up in the society we now live in with electronic media and louder and louder advertising for alcohol, medications to take you up, settle you down, take…

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