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I used to hear this phrase a lot in my early days of recovery and I couldn’t quite comprehend exactly what they meant. I mean after all I made meetings but I was struggling with staying clean. I began to feel like something was wrong with me. I began to doubt myself and if I could actually stay clean. My addiction started to rent space in my head and it started to affect my attitude towards the program and my behavior. With the help of some of the members with substantial clean time, I kept coming back.

I am grateful to those members. The ones who never gave up on this new comer. The ones who kept calling me when I didn’t show up. The ones who took me to meetings and to the parties and made me feel welcomed. I am truly grateful to them because now I understand what it means. I understand that it’s not enough to just show up to a meeting but I have to get involved. I have to participate in my own recovery.I have to make an effort to change my life. It does not just happen because I am at a meeting. My life is not all of a sudden magically delicious but it’s a whole lot better than it has EVER been. I show up for me today. No one else can do it for me.

I am not responsible for my disease, but I damn sure am responsible for my recovery.

It only works if YOU work it!!!

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2 thoughts on “MEETING MAKERS MAKE IT.

  1. I admire your stick-to-it-ness! This lesson is a hard one for all of us; I think in the beginning of al-anon/nar-anon I thought that some kind of magic phrase would just come through during a meeting and give me all the answers. What happened during meetings did not meet my expectations-and one day I had an a-ha moment: don’t have expectations-just go with the flow! In other words I learned to have an open mind rather than look for things to fit my idea of what was supposed to happen- then things started to fall in to place! Like the slogan says-it works if your work it!

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