As I stand here looking at all the people scrambling around. It reminds me of a colony of ants. I also makes me think of how truly blessed I am to be a part of this scrambling society.

The every day routine of getting up to fight the crowd on the subway to then fight the crowd to get to work is exciting. I used to hate it. I would drag my ass and have an very nasty attitude.
Using took away my joy. It left me broken, unable to see the good in just being alive. Gratitude for being woken up was non existent.  There were many mornings I wished I didn’t wake up. There were also many mornings that I came to instead of waking up. There were also many mornings that I didn’t even go to sleep.

So yeah I’m grateful that I wake up to the same routine to fight my way to work. This is a war that I can deal with, that I can win. The war with my addiction was a no win situation. I have a purpose today. Sometimes I don’t know what that purpose is, but I damn sure no what it is not.

Using is never the answer.
But if you think it is. Then what is the question?

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