Good evening everyone.  I pray that by the time you read this all is well in your life. If it is not. Hold on and have faith that things WILL get better.

Today I want to share with you the never-ending stream of thoughts and voices in my head. First off let me tell you that I am not crazy….or maybe I am. As an addict I’ve done some things that will definitely qualify me for a psych ward. But that’s a blog for another time. I talk about the battle between the good and evil that plays out in my head daily.

Sometimes mind can be a loud and confusing place and other times It can be just as calm and serene. Ive been known to fly off the handle at the drop of a dime. Like the saying goes I go from 0 to 100 real quick. Then there are the times that I am so deep into thought that I can appear to be detached from my surroundings.

Inside my head is like a factory with all the machines and conveyor belts. Information traveling at the speed of light. Or its like a ticker at the stock exchange constantly moving and changing. I could go on and on but I think you get the picture or pictures.

Although my mind never seems to shut off and there are times I wish it would. I do not react to the thoughts like I used too. Today I have learned to take a step back. To process the thought instead of acting off it. Acting off impulse was how I used to live. I used to think I was spontaneous. Well my spontaneous-lessness caused me a lifetime of heartache, pain and misery.

If I had it to do all over again I wouldn’t.  But my mind is telling me right now…Yes you would. I am thankful that I have finally learned not to trust the thoughts that sometimes invade my regular thought process.

I am grateful that I have a place to go to talk about the things that I go through and people there understand. They understand because they too have been where I am at. I am grateful that I am not alone.

6 thoughts on “VOICES IN MY HEAD

  1. Man, I am new to this whole blog thing, but reading this one has made it worthwhile. I’ve felt like I’m the one person that felt the way you just described. You pulled words out of my mind on this one. Thank you.

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