Good morning everyone. I pray that all is well.

I am feeling very grateful for the gift of recovery today. I know that it was my Higher Power’s will for me to make it back to the rooms of Narcotics Anonymous. I know that it was not of my own power. Because left to my own devices I would be still be sick and suffering or better yet I would be dead.

Thanks to the life saving process of Narcotics Anonymous I am beginning to see more clearly. I am learning to tell the difference. Addicts know what I mean by that. I know that everything that runs through my mind is not a fact. I know that today I do not have to act off every impulse. I do not have to fit in or people please just to be a part of. Today I am learning to be myself. I am shedding the masks and false identities. I am beginning to feel free. Its a feeling I am not willing to trade for anything today.

I am learning that NO MATTER WHAT I do not have to use. Nothing that I go through is that bad that I have to use. My problems will not go away if I use they will only get worse. I thank God for saving me and giving me another chance. Narcotics Anonymous is making a new beginning a reality and for this I am truly grateful.

Thank you for being on this journey with me.

Peace and blessings

Eric Ease

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