Good morning.

I pray that by the time you are reading this, all is well in your life. If it is not just hold on and trust and believe that things will get better. I pray for you and others every night. Remember that its not in our timing but its always on time.

Today I am just filled with overwhelming gratitude and thankfulness for my life. I feel a new. I feel blessed. It feels great. Its a new feeling and I welcome it. I sometimes feel uncomfortable with it but I no longer feel the need to try to drown my sorrows or use any mind or mood altering substance to try to escape my feelings. I am learning to deal with them in a healthy manner as they come.

Now don’t get me wrong.  Im not saying that my addiction doesn’t come at me in my times of uncomfort because it does. The difference is today I know that no matter what happens I do not have to use. I know that using is not the answer. I know that if I use the problem,  feeling or whatever will still be there afterwards.  I know that if I use the problems, feelings or whatever will only become worse. The downward spiral will return and so will the pain, misery and suffering.

I use the tools I have learned in my process. I am grateful for the process of Narcotics Anonymous for it has truly saved my life. I will not take it for granted this time. I will not fool myself into thinking that I have another run in me. I know that I will not make it back.


I cannot go back to not knowing.

With that being said.  Today I have 9 months 4 weeks clean. 3 days short of 10 months.

One day at a time.

Thank you as always for being on this journey with me. Thanks for allowing me to share.

Today’s a great day. Live, Love and Laugh.

Peace and blessings.

Eric Ease.

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