Good evening everyone

I always start my day thanking God for waking me and then reading some scriptures and then the Just For Today and the corresponding page in the basic text.

I am learning how to get through my feelings without using. Today I choose to use the tools I have picked up along the way in my short time in recovery. Today I choose to use my sponsor instead of trying to do it alone. I am grateful for my first sponsor who I have learned a few things from even though I didn’t utilize his experience the way I should have. I didn’t realize how closed minded I was. I thought I had surrendered and was open minded and willing but it was my diease tricking me into believing the lies. I am grateful for the seed he planted.

I have been given a assignment by my new sponsor.  It was suggested that I pick a slogan and at the end of the week we will discuss how it was applied to my life. This week I chose This Too Shall Pass. I chose this slogan as a reminder that any and all feelings that I will experience will eventually pass and that as long as I do not feed the monster it will eventually subside. If its persistent call someone to help me get past it
(I still need to work on the calling part). I just continue to tell myself this too shall pass and say a prayer, the Serenity Prayer.

I feel a sense of gratitude today that I haven’t felt since my first days in NA back in 2011. It feels good to finally be back on track and following the suggested guidelines.

Thank the God of my understanding for guiding me back.

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