Im counting days again and I feel great, now i know its never too late.
I’ve changed my ways and move in stride,
and oh so grateful that I survived.
God above and Goddess below,
saw it fit to save my soul.
Now hear this message to you my friends,
with drugs there’s only ever three ends, jails, institutions, and death…
are you really ready to take your last breath?
They trick you into a love affair,
looking backs almost to much to bare,
I’m not ashamed of what I’ve done,
but I’ve come to realize it wasn’t fun.
Feeling stuck as if walking on tar,
look at my arms and see the scar.
a reminder forever that the past is real,
And that it really is OK to feel…
Don’t cover it up in a drugged up haze,
your going to miss the best of days.
There is no cure for this disease,
but there are ways to feel at ease.
put down the drugs trust me its tough,
but one is too many and a thousands never enough.
I know its true, I can’t save the world,
But what the hell I can give it a whirl.
You don’t have to wait till you hit rock bottom,
GO to an NA meeting every towns got em.
I hope to see some of your faces,
in what now have become my familiar places.
Everything will get better if you try,
otherwise you could very well die.
please Live life on life’s terms,
It’s the hard times from which we learn.
But I’m moving forward with this last line…..
always remember

“one day at a time”

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