Good morning family. I thank God for waking me today.  I am grateful for another day to live his will for me and try to remember not my will but his be done.

I have been suffering silently with back pain for the last 10 days or so. Yesterday I finally had enough and decided to go to the emergency room. The doctor informed me that the symptoms I described sound like Sciatica. I have lower back pain the extends to my right butt cheek and down my right leg.

I was given ibuprofen and percocet for the pain. I took them the pain was so bad that I just wanted it to stop. I explained to the doctor that i am in recovery and after the examination the doctor gave me a prescription for ibuprofen and Percocet. I’m like didn’t she hear me why would she prescribe me a narcotic.

Anyway I reached out to my sponsor and other recovering addicts to share this info. I heard about Percocet and how addictive they can be and how people are relapsing on them and after using them. I just came back and do not wish to go back out there. I made a decision to fill the ibuprofen but not the Percocet.  I will see if the pain can be managed with the ibuprofen.

Today I will make a appointment with a spinal doctor. I am a bit uncomfortable with anything to do with the spine, that’s serious stuff right there. I will not let my imagination run wild. I will continue to pray about it and share how I am feeling.

I am practicing doing things differently today. I am telling on myself and letting everyone know what’s going on with me. No longer will I stuff my feelings and hold on to things like secrets. Talking about it has been suggested and I will do it.

Today will be a great day.
Peace and blessings


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