Hello everyone.
I hope that all is well in your world today. I thank God daily for all things in my life good, bad or indifferent. I try to practice finding the lesson in everything that happens to me instead of complaining, bitching and moaning. I am grateful because my life could be a  lot worse.

The last couple of weeks I have been training for a new position at work. Although I have more work to do and have not received any more money I remain grateful.  At first I was bitching, moaning and complaining Lol but after I took a look at it I became grateful and had to humble myself. I had to look at the good in the situation. I first off have a job. I am learning something new which makes me more valuable to the company because I can work in various departments and I will be able to work at different locations. I’m grateful for the opportunity to grow within the company.

All to often I would complain about things. Just about anything would do. I began to notice I had become a very bitter person. I was not happy with anything and always had something to say. Ungrateful, angry and bitter.

Coming to NA and learning to listen and take suggestions was not easy and there are times I still resist the process. I have God to thank for guiding me into recovery make no mistake about that. I have the predecessors including my sponsor to thank for teaching me what needs to be done. I have been working on my first step. I read the literature and I am making friends. My attitude has changed and I am willing to work on myself.

Since I have been here I have noticed a change starting to take place and it helps me to see when I am not living right. I feel uneasy when I do something thats not God’s will for me. I know I am growing and its scary but I am learning to face fear as a good thing because it teaches me a valuable lesson. Grow comes as I face my fears and get through them instead of running from them. I have learned so much in the past 4 months and look forward to learning so much more.

Today I will be going over some of Step 1 with my sponsor and I am excited.  I am grateful to be doing work on myself and for the guidance I receive from my sponsor and others in the fellowship. I can truly say that I feel great and I love it. I am slowly moving away from that grumpy, bitter bitching old man and into a loving, caring happy old man. Lol

Today will be a great day.

Peace and blessings


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