Hello and God bless you.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and I am thankful. Not for the reasons the average person is thankful but for recovery. I am so grateful to God for his mercy. I am living clean, I have a family and I have an extended family in recovery.

I love my family even though for years I didn’t show it. Due to my addiction I have done some things like stealing from them, fighting with them and being distant from them. Usually around this time of the year I would be high out of my mind and not thinking about my family. I wouldn’t call or go to be with them for the holidays. (or any other time of the year keeping it real.)

This year its different. I woke up feeling very thankful that I am alive and clean. I sent text messages to friends and family and I called my mom and aunt. I stayed on the phone for a long time too. I usually don’t like to but I did. I have to get used to talking to people on the phone. It’s one of the tools of recovery. I will work on that.

I went to a holiday marathon meeting and shared my thankfulness. I am grateful to the fellowship of NA for having meetings on holidays because they can be pretty scary and lonely sometimes. My family did not get together yesterday so the marathon meeting was a blessing. I will be with them for Christmas and I will also make a marathon meeting then too.

I am feeling really blessed to still be alive and I will not take it for granted anymore. Life is short and I have wasted enough of my life using. Today starts a new beginning, a new way of living. I will be thankful for all the blessings I have received and will receive.

Thank you for being on this journey with me.

Peace and blessings