October 27, 2012

Good evening and God bless you.

First and foremost I am grateful to my higher power God for guiding me today because every meeting I tried to attend was no longer there. After the 3rd one I started feeling like a man without a home for a minute but it passed. I have a meeting locator book that needs to be tossed. I have to see tomorrow if anyone has a updated book.

I am truly grateful that I was not going through something because I would have been in trouble. The reason I say that is because I don’t have a phone at the moment either due to the wreckage of my last run. I thank God for guiding me and keeping me strong enough to continue to live his will and not my own.

Today I was batting 0 for 3 for meetings. So I used the other tools that I had available. I listened to my TD Jakes sermons, I read the literature in the basic text and of course writing in my blog.

I also have been calling
(on a pay phone) my new friend. I like talking to her. She is smart, funny and she listens and offers good advice. She has been on my mind a lot lately. I know they say not to get involved with anyone in the first year of recovery but I disagree. She is in recovery also and in my opinion she will be a strong source of support. We actually spoke about this topic yesterday. We talk about a lot of things not just recovery. I like her style. 

So my 90 in 90 has been broken but not because of a lack of trying so I feel good about that and I am still on track. I will make 2 meetings tomorrow to make up for today. I am feeling better and more connected everyday that I do not use.
I am a member of NA and I will succeed and make new friends.
Thank God for today makes day 12 clean.

One day at a time.

Peace and blessings


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