October 30, 2012

Hello and God bless you. Thank you for reading my blog.

Today is a sad day all across the tri-state area. Hurricane Sandy has left a trail of destruction and death. I pray for all those affected by this storm.

I feel pretty good today. I am grateful to God for waking me up clean, healthy and safe. I am a bit saddened because the subway is still not running and power is still out in Manhattan so I am unable to go to work. Yes I want to go to work. I am suffering a little from cabin fever. Lol.

Not only am I not able to go to work but I am unable to make meetings as well. I have been reading my literature and doing Step 1 work but I need to make meetings. I know that its not my fault, that I have no control over this situation and I have to deal with life on lifes terms and I will. I can’t help but miss meetings though.

I am concerned for family and friends I do not have phone service right now and it is affecting me. It helps me to see the unmanageability of my life because of my usage. The powerlessness I feel right now is a reminder of why I have to turn my life around. The damage that I caused myself and others is inexcusable. I am particularly concerned for my new friend. I have not been able to reach her since yesterday. I pray she is ok.

In the meantime in between time I will continue reading my literature and working on my Step 1 and continue praying and having faith in my higher power which I choose to call God.

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