WOW is all I can say. Sandy is really wreaking havoc all over the city. The worst of it of course is by the coastal areas but its winds are fierce and causing problems in the inland too. We have a crane collapse on 57th St. We have a partial bldg collapse on 14th & 8th Ave. Trees are down all over the place and power outages due to transformers exploding  everywhere. I pray that all those people who were told to evacuate and didn’t are ok.

I feel grateful that I am not in affected areas. I went outside and the wind is strong and the rain is coming down sideways. I don’t have a phone right now and I have been conversating with a new friend I met on a pay phone. I will remember this day years from now when we talk about how we met. I say remember when I came outside in a hurricane just so I could call you and hear your voice. Lol. That’s better than flowers.

Waking up to widespread devastation. NYC is in a state of emergency. There are power outages all across the city, massive flooding on the streets and in the subway tunnels. As a result there is still no trains or buses running. I am stranded at home. Buildings are burning down to the ground and at least 14 deaths have been blamed on Sandy so far.

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