October 29, 2012

Hello and God bless you.

Hurricane Sandy is about to hit the city, there is no subway or bus service. It is very, very windy and the rain is starting to get heavy. NYC is handling their business. The news is informative, government officials have emergency precautions in place and seem to be ahead in this storm. Of course evacuations have been put in place and of course some folks aren’t listening. I will pray for them. Looks like a nasty storm and I am safe and sound watching it on TV for now. I hope my power doesn’t go out.

As I stated no trains or buses so I am unable to make a meeting today but that doesn’t mean I am not getting a dose of recovery. I have been reading from It works How & Why and I started on Step 1 again. So I am still doing the work necessary to stay clean. I feel very good about my commitment to put my recovery first and have been doing just that. I am grateful that God has guided me to seeing that this is my season for change. I feel confident that I can do this as long as I stay connected and practice the principals in all areas of my life.

I surrender to the fact that I am powerless over my addiction and my life has become unmanageable again. I realize that in no way can I control my using, it is impossible. I have no reservation that I can use successfully any mind or mood altering substance. I understand that I will have to practice living the program for the rest of my life therefore recovery is now my life. Everything else has to come second if I am going to be able to live. If I decide to take back my will I WILL DIE. its just that simple. I look at this as my last chance to change. I will make new friends in recovery and do things that help me to move forward. I will no longer associate with the old so called friends who are still doing the same things and going nowhere.

Today is a new day and its time to live a new way.

Peace and blessings.


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