October 26, 2012

Good morning and God bless you.

I thank God for waking me up clean today. I am feeling happy and free as the hours are turning into days. I am finding that making meetings are a very big help and making them after work helps tremendously. I am slowly become more sure of myself and know that it is all due to living my higher powers will for me.

Today I am paying more attention to how I am feeling and behaving. I am taking the suggestions of others and I am reading my literature. I am expressing myself in meetings and talking 1 on 1 with others after meetings. I am back in my online groups sharing as well. I am proud of myself and my new outlook on life. I am working my program at my own pace and I like it.

I met someone on FB and we have been talking lately. It’s amazing to me how much we have in common but most important is she is in recovery and serious about hers. I like that. I will remember to keep my focus and try hard not to get ahead of myself or start projecting scenarios and outcomes like I normally do. I will continue to practice living One day at a time and practice the principals in all my affairs.

I finally feel like I can actually do this as long as I stay connected I believe that all will be well. God has given me a new spark and I plan on taking full advantage of this opportunity.

Peace and blessings.


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