Hello and God Bless You.

Today I am feeling a little better. The grumpy feelings are beginning to fade and I am feeling a bit more at ease. I am grateful for the change because I don’t like being grumpy.

I have been fighting a personal war. A war which I am losing. I don’t like the defeated feeling I have when it comes to this battle. All summer I have been at war with the weeds that grow in my front and back yards. Aaarrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhh. I can’t stand weeds and they keep coming back. I have used sprays, powders and manual labor and they keep coming back. The funny thing is each time they come back its a different type of weed. Lol. Now I am at war against vines. They have taken over my backyard. I just want them gone. Why do the keep coming back.

I will not quit I just have to find a better strategy. I have a plan for this winter. I am going to finally concrete my whole backyard that will keep me from this tedious yardwork. But that’s for next summer, this summer the yardwork continues to be a thorn in my side. But its work that has to be done so I will continue fighting the good fight..Even if I am losing the battle..Lol

The weed head war shall continue until all the weeds have been destroyed. Lol

Peace and blessings


2 thoughts on “WEED HEAD

  1. Thank you for commenting on this post. I know how you feel I felt the same way at one time before the weeds and vines took over due to my lack of maintenance in my active addiction. Maybe after I get the yard totally cleaned up I will have a change of heart.


  2. Awww that is too bad that you are going to concrete the backyard…i hope there is another option available…i think it is so important to be able to plant some flowers..maybe a tree or two and i am jus sayin coz i am not there to fight the weed fight with you…lol…hope something else comes up as a solution for you..blessings to you always


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