Hello everyone I hope you are having a fantastic weekend. I am not. I am so tired right now. I hate to seem like I am ungrateful but my job is killing me. They are really using and abusing the workforce right now. It seems like they are never satisfied. But I don’t want to make this post about that. I really appreciate the fact that I have a job and believe me I know that it is hard out there because I have been looking for a new job and have not been having any luck. So I have to deal with the hand I am dealt at this point and time.

This is me living life on life’s terms. I am having difficulty but I am maintaining for the most part. I have been taking personal inventory lately and I come to discover that I complain a lot. I bitch and moan about itty bitty stuff. I am working towards changing that. I have also come to realize that I have quite a few defects of character that need to be eliminated. One day at a time I will focus on working towards changing them. I know that it is a process today and that nothing happens over night so I am not going to get discouraged because I do not see results right away. That is my M.O. quit before I really see the results. Nope today I will practice patients and let the miracle happen.
I tell you guys the truth I really don’t have anything to write about today. If I continue to type it will turn into a gripe session. I really feel like complaining..I will take a moment to pray after I post this. I just feel really grumpy today. I cannot wait to get off so I can go home and relax. Maybe I will watch a movie or something. 
Anyway I hope I did not spoil anyone’s mood with my grumpy complaining self..Lol Actually I should be happy. I am not using, I have a job, roof over my head, food to eat and plenty of new friends and a few special old friends. I have a lot to be grateful for. I will be ok. Its just a feeling and it will pass. I heard it said that if something is bothering you talk about it, don’t let it fester and become a problem or reason to pick up. That’s what my blog is for anyway for me to express my feelings and to post what I am going through. I know I am rambling aren’t I. Oh well it’s time to go..Lol
Thanks for listening..
Peace and blessings

2 thoughts on “GRUMPY MOOD

  1. Thank you Sherrie for your comments. I appreciate you taking the time to read and reply to my post. My hope is that my blog helps people to understand what it is that addicts go through and to also help addicts to see that they are not alone. Again thank you.


  2. Hey Nam, your blog is pretty cool. I think its a good idea & way that leads to healing to blog like you're doing. One key thing I would say is you want to blog (or vent) so that it leaves you feeling better, not worse. Don't be too concerned about what others may think. I'm sure there are alot of folks that feel the same way. I found it very healing to put my feelings into words on my blog too. You express yourself in a way that others can relate to & thats a good thing. So keep it up. If it helps your mind, never stop. You might be helping someone else out there. Hang in there. Keep safe, stay strong, be calm & carry on. Enjoy the day. 🙂
    Sincerely, Sherrie V.


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