Narcotics Anonymous offers only one promise and that is freedom from active addiction, the solution that eluded us for so long.
Basic Text, p. 106

Just for today:

I have been given a spiritual gift greater than material wealth: my recovery. I will thank the God of my understanding for my freedom from active addiction.

Hello and God Bless You

Today I woke up and thanked God for guiding my steps, thoughts, attitudes and behaviors. I am truly beginning to feel that there is hope for me from active addiction. I shared yesterday that I don’t know how to stay clean but I do know one thing, I have to keep making meetings in order for this feeling of hope to grow. I am on my way to a meeting now. Day 3 has begun.

The meeting was great. Beginners meeting topic hope, fear and faith. I got to share again getting out what needs to be said about my fears and my hope. I also for the first time actually opened up and spoke to members after the meeting which is rare. It felt good to do that. I am finally showing the courage needed and starting to reach out. Thank you God for giving me another chance.

It’s a new day.

I’m tired of paying the HIGH PRICE FOR LOW LIVING.

Peace and blessings


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