Just for today, I will have faith in someone in NA who believes in me and wants to help me in my recovery.
Basic Text, p. 100

Just for today:

I will find someone who believes in me. I will believe in them.

Hello and God Bless You

We all need someone who believes in us, especially when we cant believe in ourselves. When we relapse, we undermine our already shattered self-confidence, sometimes so badly that we begin to feel utterly hopeless.

The above statement is so true. I have a past that haunts me and am having trouble believing I can do this. At times those negative thoughts become so strong that I start to not only believe them but begin to act on them. It has been my track record in the past and unfortunately it has once again become my reality.

The problem is staying consistent and not allowing my feelings to dictate my actions. Every fall is a learning experience and I have learned some very valuable lessons in this past year. I know that I need to stay connected to my recovery roots, I have to stop putting every and anything in front of my sobriety. I have to be honest with myself and stop thinking, plotting and scheming and trying to find short cuts. Fake it till you make it does not work for me, I have been faking all my life. I have to reach out to people when I am in trouble.

I know all these things but I have not applied them and it has cost me again. I am not beating myself up because that is useless. I am reinforcing what I know and will start living it. I have a lot of people who believe in me and its time to start believing in myself. No more excuses.

Peace and blessings


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