Hello and God Bless You.

Today there was a battle going on inside my head all day. One one side the Good thoughts and on the other side the Bad thoughts. All day long they were going at it, battling each other for the right to claim what I will do later. Well I am glad to report that the Good side won. Round 1 goes to staying clean.

I have been here before. After a relapse is the hardest struggle ever. It’s a constant battle going on. The noise inside my head can be deafening at times. It’s hard to concentrate and anger and frustration usually show there ugly heads too. Today was no different but I kept my thoughts on not being a victim and on what I really want. To live a semi normal life. It worked. I almost fell victim to my addiction but with Gods help I got past it.

I will remember to live my race at my pace. One day, hour or minute at a time. I will not let anyones opinion of me become more important than my own opinions of me. I will remember to live Gods will and not my own. I know how to be a screw up now its time to put on my big boy pants and grow the fuck up. Stop making excuses and become a man.

Back to the basics.

Peace and Blessings


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