Recovery is a reality for us today.
Basic Text, p. 101

Just for today:

A gift of my recovery is living and enjoying life as it truly is. Today, I will embrace reality.

Hello and God Bless You

Today is going to be a great day.

I start my day by saying this to myself and to my friends everyday. I am living a new life today and I am no longer ashamed of my past. I do not allow the past to haunt me and control or dictate my actions today. I am living in the now. I no longer live on fantasy island.

In the past I live a false image filled life. I always thought of myself as THE GREAT I AM. Bigger than life and better than everyone else. I was the King of my own world. Boy was I ever living on fantasy island. As my addiction got worse I began to shrink and before long I lived like a hermit. I was in denial of how bad my life really was. I couldn’t face the reality of what my life turn into. I was a crackhead. I fought tooth and nail trying to keep my secret, but in the end it didn’t matter any more. I was at my worse and I didn’t care anymore.

My reality was jails, institutions, degradation, homelessness, drug programs, hospitals and so on and so on. I could continue but you get the picture.

Today my reality is totally the opposite. Good job, friends, happiness, a roof over my head, food in the fridge, support networks, that’s right NETWORKS with a S. I realize you can never have too much support so the more the better. I am grateful today to NA. Because of the fellowship my life has change for the better and I made it to the rooms by the grace of God. My life has been anything but good yesterday, bit its all good today. God’s guidance, and unconditional love has helped me turn my life around and I thank God continuously on a daily basis.


I owe my reality to God, my network, my program and my footwork.

Thank you for letting me share my world with you.

Peace and Blessings


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