We must give freely and gratefully that which has been freely and gratefully given to us.
Basic Text, p. 49
Just for today: The gift of recovery grows when I share it. I will find someone with whom to share it.

Hello and God Bless You.

Giving back. I remember ever since I can remember always taking, taking and taking some more. In active addiction giving someone something is almost unheard of. Unless of course they had something to give me in return and even then I still was skeptical. My self centeredness didn’t allow for much giving back. I mean I remember getting caught stealing something on camera and still refusing to give it back. Lmao. Insanity runs deep. Unfortunately that was only one example of many. Insanity runs really deep.

Today how ever I live by a different set of principals. The 3 which are indispensable. Honesty, Open mindedness and Willingness. You see for me I am just plain sick and tired of the bullshit. All the lying, stealing, cheating and everything else that goes along with it. So when I came into the rooms I heard “You can’t keep it unless you give it away” At first I didn’t get it. I didn’t understand how that worked because I was still closed. Now since I’ve been around for a little while and have been taking suggestions and applying the principles and doing step work I am beginning to understand how it works and why it is so important…and believe me it is very important.

In order not to be so wrapped up in myself I get involved with helping others. I do service, I help set up the meeting and clean up after and also do secretary on Wednesday’s at my home group. I try to be a good listener for people who need someone to talk to and try to offer sound advice. I get a great feeling whenever I help someone and of course I am helping myself to grow in the process at the same time. I learned how to be there for others just by working the program.

Through my higher powers will for me today I can be there for others.

It works if you work it.

Thank you for reading today’s blog post.

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Peace and Blessings.


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