Just for today:
I will strive to be a part of unity.
I know that unity does not equal uniformity.
Unity is a must in Narcotics Anonymous.
Basic Text, p. 63

Hello and God Bless you.
Well its finally snowing in NYC. I looked out my window this morning and saw snow and immediately thought I should go back to bed I don’t feel like going to a meeting.  Then I thought about how when I was using snow didn’t stop me from running back and forth to the spot or hanging out looking for trouble or whatever to get into. So I looked at my phone and the Just for Today spoke about Unity. Then it hit me, I never felt like I belonged anywhere and how the unity I see and feel in the rooms is one of the things that attracted me to NA. That plus the fact that I do this to save my life got me going to a meeting. The meeting was a anniversary for a brother with 14 years. Unity showing up again.

I  am grateful to be a part of a group of people who get together, network, share and hangout. But what’s really great is there’s no drugs, gun play or jail time involved. I think I like the new unity a whole lot better than my old perception of unity.

The more time passes by the more I can see and feel that what I always wanted I have finally found. I have tried many things to get clean jails institutions etc. Who would have known the last thing I tried would be the one thing that worked. Gotta Love It.

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