Just for today: I will reflect on the spiritual awakenings I have experienced. I will strive to be God-conscious. I will take time out in the day to appreciate my Higher Powers handiwork.
Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps…
Step Twelve

I went to my usual home group morning meeting this morning and a good friend in recovery was asked to share on a spiritual topic. Today’s topic was Honesty. As he was sharing I was making a lot of connections with him and I started to think about my own honesty. I came to the realization that I have not been totally honest since I came into the rooms. I have been cheating on my own recovery. I say that not to say cheating on counting days or getting high and coming to meetings nothing like that. I have not been honest about giving my recovery my all. I have been doing just enough to get by. I have not been applying what I talk about with what I do. I have been a hypocrite saying one thing and doing another. I have been picking and choosing what I want to be honest, open minded and willing about. I have been lying to myself and no one else. I’m noticing that my addictive behaviors have been popping up in other areas of my life.
 I have to apologize. I posted my blog yesterday and for some reason it is not there anymore. Unfortunately this is not the whole post. I am very upset that my blog post is gone. This is the second time this has happened. I am looking around for a new host for my blog. I guess I am gonna have to start my own webpage. I will keep you posted.

Peace and Blessings


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