Just for today: My sponsor has cared for me when I couldn’t care for myself.
Today, I will do something nice for my sponsor.
Our earliest involvements with others often begin with our sponsor.
Basic Text, p. 57

Hello and God Bless You.

I hope everyone is having a really good day because I am and I thank my higher power/God for it.
You know it’s funny that today’s JUST FOR TODAY speaks about sponsors. I just posted on FB yesterday that my sponsor asked me to speak at his 16 year anniversary at the end of the month.

First off let me say that I am truly honored that he asked me to speak. I am happy for the opportunity to let everyone know how much my sponsor means to me. I am honored that my sponsor thinks so highly of me that he has granted me the opportunity to speak among so many others who have got more clean time all together than I have years alive. It is a privilege and an honor that I do not take lightly.

I have only known my sponsor coming up on a year and we have had a solid friendship. He has always given me sound advice, he guides me through the rough patches and he helps me understand the program and works with me on more than just step work, he corrects me when I am wrong, he helps me when my thinking isn’t on the right track. I remember on day saying something like  (I don’t care what people think about me) he stopped me dead in my tracks and told me that in reality I do care and after taking a look at it he was right. I always say that but in reality I do care what people think and say about me. It’s little things that make a big difference. He helps me recognize things that I have always took for granted.

As you all know I have had my share of relapses last year. I started off real good I was able to stay clean for 60 days. I called my sponsor and told him I had to talk to him. He thought it was something wrong something horrible because of the message I had left and actually I felt like it was the end of the world. I told him I had relapsed and the first thing he said to me was come back it will be alright. I thought he was gonna cut me off and say I don’t think we should talk anymore or I don’t want to be your sponsor anymore. That’s the sick thinking of an addict, always thinking the worse.But that never happened and even after the next two relapses he still stuck by my side and worked even harder with me.

I remember my last relapse and I wouldn’t even answer his calls but he kept calling me and telling me he loved me and he hoped I was alright and come back because he and the home group missed me and it blew my mind how much he cared about me when I didn’t even care about myself. After that I was like wow. I was ready to die and he would not give up calling. When I finally came to my senses and came back I had to thank him because he saved my life. Plain and simple.

I am truly blessed to have met my sponsor and to have him as my sponsor and my friend. He saved my life and I will be forever grateful. So you can see why I am truly honored to be a part of his anniversary celebration. I will never forget what he has done for me. I will remember this when I become a sponsor and give it back the same way. He showed me and continues to show me what the NA way is and I love it. I love this fellowship and my sponsor. I am learning to become a productive and responsible member of society and NA because of the guidance, love, care and concern I have received. It is awesome.

Thank You My Sponsor. I love you man.

Thank you for reading today’s blog post.

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Peace and Blessings.


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