Just for today: I will take my recovery home with me.
We can enjoy our families in a new way and may become a credit to them instead of an embarrassment or a burden.
Basic Text, p. 104

Hello and God Bless You.

I read today’s JFT and I was amazed at how it synced with what I was thinking. I have been becoming more aware of my attitudes and behaviors and am aware that they don’t always go along with the principals that I am trying to incorporate in my life. I was just saying yesterday how I need yo start practicing these principals in all areas of my life. I am grateful to God for guiding me and I pray continuously for change, but praying for change and not putting in the work will not work. Today I WILL take my recovery everywhere I go. I will continue to check myself before I wreck myself. After all nothing changes if NOTHING CHANGES!

At my home group meeting this morning the topic was Honesty.
Here we go with another SYNC, I am starting to notice how everything ties into each other. So today I have to share about how I have not been so honest with my day to day. How I have not been living the program after I leave the program. How I am still displaying negative attitudes and behaviors. I have to start practicing these principals in ALL my affairs not just when I am in the program. I have to start living the principals even when no-one is watching.

So my question for myself today is

Thank you for reading today’s blog post.

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Peace and Blessings.


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