Just for today: I will seek the fulfillment of my greatest need: a vital, guiding connection with the God of my understanding.
We eventually redefine our beliefs and understanding to the point where we see that our greatest need is for knowledge of Gods will for us and the strength to carry that out.

Basic Text, p. 48

Hello and God Bless You.

As everyone knows this is the beginning of a new year. It’s a time when resolutions are made. When everyone is excited about making some kind of change in their lives. I am no different every year I make a list of things that I am going to change. Either start doing this or stop doing that. The thing about my resolutions is I never carry them out. I never follow through truth be told some of them never even make it out of the starting gate. So I ask myself why even bother you know your not gonna do it.

Well this year I want things to be different. I am tired of doing things half ass or not doing them at all. I found out that I tend to get excited about change and then try to change too many things at once only to get overwhelmed and frustrated and then quit. So that is why I picked only 3 resolutions this year. Actually in my post resolutions I listed 3 things but employment is not a resolution. I have a job I plan on seeking a better job. The other 2 are resolutions.

The 1st
Quitting Smoking I have already taken steps towards. I am cutting back on how many cigs I smoke a day. I contacted NYC Quits and took a survey and applied for the free nicotine patch program and should receive my patches by Jan. 15th and I set a quit date of January 30th. So I started the ball rolling on that.

The 2nd.
Live a healthier lifestyle starts as soon as I do some more research about eating healthier. I am searching gyms looking for a decent membership price. (The gym is expensive..SMH) I am currently uninsured and I have spoken to my company’s HR department about the next open enrollment so I can have health insurance.

So this year to make sure that I can actually stick to my resolutions I decided to have a very short list. Lol. I can actually call them short term goals instead of resolutions. I am happy with myself for starting to do the work needed to carry them out and I am looking forward to seeing them through. Especially the quitting cigarettes.

I have been praying to my HP/God for strength, guidance and the courage to carry them out.

I would also like to say that I plan on strengthening my relationship with God too. I will do what is needed to gain a better understanding of Gods word, his will for me and how to live a more God centered life. I will continue to pray and I will start asking questions of people who have more knowledge about God and the Bible.

Thank you for reading today’s blog post.

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Peace and Blessings.


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