Just for today: I will be vigilant, doing everything necessary to guard my recovery. We keep what we have only with vigilance…

Basic Text, p. 60

Happy New Year. May this year be prosperous for you and your family. I am taking a break today and decided to post from the website daily motivations. Have a great day.

Get beyond regret

It’s helpful to feel a little regret. But it is foolish to dwell on that regret.

When you look back on the last year, or month, or decade, and see some things you regret, go ahead and feel that regret. Then harness the energy of that regret to create a more positive, fulfilling reality for your life.

Regrets teach you about your mistakes in a compelling, personally meaningful way. Go ahead, learn their lessons, and transform your past mistakes into new successes.

Feel your regrets, and be truly thankful for them. Feel your regrets, and then feel the joy and possibility of knowing that you can move positively beyond them, beginning immediately.

Regrets are painful echoes of the past. Fortunately, you are situated in the present, where you can take effective action that’s fully informed by your wisdom and experience.

Feel the regrets, and then quickly redirect their energy into meaningful and productive pursuits. Learn from your regrets, act on your knowledge, and soon you’ll have nothing at all to regret.

—Ralph Marston

Peace and Blessings for you in the New Year. 2012