I always thank God for waking me up and giving me strength. I also have to thank God for guiding me in my recovery process. I am 21 days clean because I am not living my will but his will for me.

I am grateful  for everything I have and I am not worried about the things I don’t have. I am learning to live in the now. Living one day at a time seems simple enough but it can be difficult. I am taking my recovery serious today so all I have is 24 hours. As always I cannot take all the credit. I have first and foremost give credit to God, my sponsor, home group and my network. Without my faith and my support network this would not be possible.

Thank you for reading todays blog post.
As always feel free to comment below, sign up for email updates, or join my group.

Have a safe, healthy and blessed weekend.
I will talk to you again tomorrow..



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