I woke up this morning thanking God for keeping me clean, waking me up and guiding my steps. I ask for his strength and courage to carry out his will today. I am getting ready for my morning meeting at my homegroup. I love my home group they are the best. I love making my morning meetings again it always starts my day off with a bang. Today’s topic was from the 12 Steps. Step 6 to be exact. We spoke about character defects, the willingness to have a god of your understanding remove them, recognizing them when they show up in our daily lives. I have a lot of defects to work on but I know that I cannot do it alone so I am letting go and let god and the help of my sponsor guide me thru my recovery process. I have a problem with taking my will back, thinking I know whats best for me when in actuality I haven’t got a clue. I have anger issues with myself that I need to address as well. My ego..the big i am. the giant of my dreams also needs to be address so when I get to this step I have some idea of what I need to work on. I can still try to monitor these defects before I reach this step and I will keep that in mind. I am working to internalize all that I hear today so as to become a better me.

I am at the library killing time until my next meeting so I will talk to you guys again soon.

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