I thank God for waking me up this morning. I am grateful for life today, I am thankful for everything God has done for me. I am grateful to God for keeping me clean and clearing my mind so I can hear and obey his will for me. Grateful for the new found strength I am experiencing this morning.

I feel great, I am happy this morning. I feel like a burden has been lifted. I have one day clean and I am loving it. It’s a new beginning. I am ready to move on, I am excited about life again. I do not feel depressed, sad, lonely. I feel like I can do anything. I will live my life from here on one day at a time.

The Power of I Am
I’m at work and I feel amazing. I’m happy. I listened to Joel Osteen this morning the message is The Power of I Am. Very positive message about you are what you tell yourself you are. So today
Strong, Smart, Blessed, Happy, Spiritual, Motivated, Determined, Successful, Healthy and above all I am God’s Creation. So I am automatically set on high. Today I have a new outlook on my life and its all good.

Wreckage of my usage
I am glad that the obsession to use has been lifted if only temporary, I am not that stupid to think that all will be a bed of roses from here on. I know that I have a long hard fight ahead of me. I used for a long time and did a lot of damage. Repair is not going to be easy but it will get easier as time goes on. The more recent damage I need to work on is my cable bill, and even more important my cell phone bill. I neglected to pay it and its past due. I’m sure its gonna get cut off tomorrow, so I’m gonna be without my cell for a few days. The good news is I didn’t credit no drugs this weekend and I don’t owe anything from my next check. I will pay my cell bill and move forward. That’s just one of the prices I paid for my usage. Wreckage is a mother ain’t it.

Home Sweet Home
I thank my higher power God for guiding my steps and getting me home safe and drug free. Thank you for another day. I will talk to you guys tomorrow.

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