Good morning, I thank God for waking me up this morning. I was just thinking about gratefulness. About how I have taken for granted just about everything in my life and how ungrateful I used to be and at times still am. I used to complain about any and everything not realizing how lucky I am to have what I have. And how I never thanked anyone for anything that I have.
I like to always start my day with thanking God for waking me up. This is a new habit that I am cultivating that actually started this year. (My first year trying to get clean.) I started this as a result of making meetings and taking the suggestions that I heard.
Growing up I used to go to church with my Mom but never really got what it was about, later on mom used to send us to Sunday school but just like regular school I would play hookie and not go. Instead I would wind up at my friends pigeon coop or anywhere else and we would sit around and do everything we wasn’t supposed to be doing. I didn’t like church or Sunday school and resented my mother for making me go.
I never really got the principal of spirituality, but I am open and willing to try.
Today I am trying to be more open-minded about things, I’m willing to try new things and I don’t or at least try not to complain as much about trying new things. One of the new things I am trying is listening to podcast by Joel Osteen. He is a preacher from Houston Texas and he has a t.v. show that comes on Sunday mornings. I go to his website and download his podcast every Sunday and I listen to them over and over. I have about 5 of his podcast to date on my Evo.
So this morning while I am riding the train I am listening and he is talking about giving God praise. He said giving praise in good times was easy, it’s when times are tough that’s when you should really give praise. Instead of always complaining to God how this is not working or how this is not right or that is not right, we should thank him for the things that  are going right in our lives. That is something I never did. I am a complainer. I’ve always been a complainer. That’s part of my problem. I always look at what’s not right with my life and dwell on that. I need to start being thankful for what is going good in my life and build on that. Stop focusing on the negative and focus on the positive.
That’s where I am today. I will start to look at the good in my life and stop dwelling on the bad things. I truly believe that my attitudes and behaviors will change for the better if I stick with this. So this is my new habit for today.
I am trying to develop new habits to replace the old habits. This is going to be a process I know, but I’m ready to try this to begin to live a better life. Wish me luck. I will keep you posted on my progress of course right here in my blog.
Oh damn damn damn, that last all of 2 1/2 hours..lmao I just caught myself resorting back to my old attitudes & behaviors, I just got an attitude with the co-manager and after the fact felt bad. I need to breathe easy and think before I re-act or its going to get me in trouble again. Phew I escaped this time but who knows next time I might not be so lucky..I’ll keep you posted..

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