Although my situation hasn’t changed I feel really good today.
I woke up this morning with the feeling that today is going to be a great day. I feel confident that change is coming. I know that things have to change for the better and there is no time like the present.
First and foremost I want to give praise to God for waking me up this morning and for keeping me safe. I want to thank God for his guidance and the strength he has given me to carry on, even in the worst of circumstances. I am grateful for my life today and I have a lot to be thankful for.
Starting today I am going to recognize all the good things that happen in my life and be grateful for them. I am done with feeling sorry for myself and feeling hopeless. Screw that.
The problem with that is I don’t know how to keep this good feeling. I am trying to maintain a positive outlook and keep positive thoughts. Unfortunately I have had such a negative Outlook on my life for so long that its hard to keep positive. I am trying to start a new habit. Telling myself positive things, thinking positive when I can and when I can’t I listen to positive podcast. I am also getting in the habit of listening to NA speaker tapes.
I am trying very hard to keep a positive outlook but sometimes dealing with other peoples attitudes makes me want to go off the deep end. Where I work I deal with rude, stubborn, selfish customer who only think of themselves..(Reminds me of me in my active addiction). They don’t want to move out of your way, they act like they rule the world sometimes. lol. I have to laugh to keep from blowing a gasket. I will keep my cool though

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